What’s with the Birds?

People are naturally curious about symbolism and what inspires a brand and a logo. I knew inevitably I would be asked, “What’s with the birds?” “How does a puny hummingbird connect with your clients finding their inner warrior?”Brave Birds are modern day warriors, leaders and deeply caring individuals. Their bravery stems from wanting to move beyond what is comfortable and allow themselves and their teams to gain greater knowledge, understanding and achievement. This is not about winning or defeating, but it is about growing. Warriors know the work is difficult. They approach the work with commitment and determination and they know the journey is never quite done. They live their lives with honour. They treat others with respect and protect those who are in need of protection.

So why the hummingbird? How does the hummingbird fit in with the warrior theme? There are many symbolic interpretations of the hummingbird. They represent endurance, continuity, the enjoyment and beauty of life. They flap their wings in the shape of an infinity symbol. Getting the picture?

They’re also fearless and courageous. These little beauties migrate up to 3,000 miles from South America to North America, often returning to the same gardens. They are fiercely protective of their territories. According to Aztec mythology, hummingbirds were considered sacred and fierce.

“Ubon death, Aztec warriors were believed to morph into hummingbirds and fly to join the god Huitzilopochtli.”

This four-ounce bird reminds us a warrior is more than a sword wielding, muscle-bound Amazon. My goal is for my brave birds to uncover their inner warrior and interestingly enough, one of the quotes I frequently encountered when researching the hummingbird is “the sweetest nectar is within.” It’s worth the effort.. Strength and success comes in many forms. The hummingbird is proof of that!