Brave Birds - Bold Leadership

Our Brave Birds podcast led by founder Tracy Balash is about leaders who courageously push forward on their journey of self-discovery and live with passion. Dedicated students of personal mastery have inspiring stories to share. Coming from a place of vulnerability, their stories illustrate that the work is hard, but the reward is great.

SEASON 01 / EPISODE 04 / 19. November 2019

Doug Griffiths on Building Community

“Our attitudes ultimately drive the way we see the world, they drive the way we respond to it, and they drive the choices we make. It is our attitudes that ultimately lead to our success or our failure as communities, organizations, businesses, industries and ultimately…as the human race.” That quote by Doug Griffiths is from his book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community.” Join Tracy in conversation with Doug Griffiths on how growing up in rural Alberta led to his passion to building communities that last.

SEASON 01 / EPISODE 03 / 19. November 2019

Kim Armstrong on Leadership

Effigies of nurses, “kissing the golden tit.” These are the images that fuelled Kim Armstrong’s activism and turned her into a life-long feminist. Her belief in values-based leadership would propel her to become one of the most admired senior leaders in the Government of Alberta. Join Tracy in conversation with Kim Armstrong on leadership, feminism and women helping women.

SEASON 01 / EPISODE 02 / 19. November 2019

Ayako Ohtake on Personal Mastery

In Peter Senge’s book, The Fifth Discipline, he describes personal mastery as “the learning discipline to expand an individual’s capacity to create the results they desire. To understand ourselves, know our purpose in life, and to direct energies by using our strengths to create more meaningful contributions in life.” The definition of personal mastery illustrates Ayako Ohtake’s illuminating approach to life. Join Tracy in conversation with Ayako on curiosity, leadership and going out on a limb.

SEASON 01 / EPISODE 01 / 19. November 2019

George Balash on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Tracy’s Father, George Balash, is going on 50 years with Multiple Sclerosis. Acceptance of the disease wasn’t easy, but he chooses to live his life with purpose. He is an inspiration, not only to others who have M.S., but to just about everyone who meets him. Join Tracy in conversation with George on living with Multiple Sclerosis, attitude, musical therapy and a thick skull.