Learn to Fly

“Do the Queen wave, Tracy!” shouted one of my friends as the strains of ‘Happy Birthday’ faded.

I stood before 70 of the most amazing people I know, my heart full with love and gratitude for these friends and family who have walked with me through my life’s journey.

Earlier this year, I faced my 50th birthday milestone and made a decision – a decision to deliberately reflect on and celebrate my achievements, milestones, the people I love, my personal growth, losses, disappointments and failures. Too often we take life for granted. No more.

It is time to acknowledge that each of these experiences have a purpose. They serve to nudge us out of the safety of the nest and teach us to fly.

So I threw a 50th birthday party, largely coordinated by my husband and my mother, and viewed it as my chance to honour everything that has led me to establish my new venture: Brave Birds Studio. Through what continues to be a fulfilling career, I am a devoted student of personal mastery. I believe self awareness is the pathway to success and receiving my coaching certification through Royal Roads University in 2015 gave me additional tools to help others find paths to self-discovery.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings.”

I always credit the inspiring words of others, but unfortunately in this case I was unable to find the author of this quote. I wish I could thank the author as this has become my inspiration. I want to inspire others to experience the feeling of every nerve ending responding to what’s new and to what more can be learned. I want to find ways to compel them to do something about it – to leave that nest, to learn to fly.

Through Brave Birds Studio, I will challenge, inspire, agitate and celebrate. To help my brave birds overcome their fear and take flight.

To my friends, family and colleagues who continue to shape my life, thank you. My gratitude has no bounds. To my own coach, Jessica Manca, thank you for challenging me and helping me bring my vision to life. To the brave birds I have worked with to date, I am humbled and honoured to share that intimate space with you. You are my inspiration to do more.