Clarity and Cohesive Leadership – The Greatest Competitive Advantage

It is tough to think about post pandemic when our brains are telling us to focus on whatever we need to do to survive the day. Self-preservation is a perfectly reasonable response for individuals to have to COVID-19, but it is not the response that we need from leaders. Employees will remember how leaders stepped up during a crisis and how they show up afterwards, which is why Brave Birds Studio has a new service offering for leaders on Clarity and Cohesive Leadership.

In partnership with Organizational Health Practitioner, Ayako Ohtake, Brave Birds will give leaders the tools to eliminate politics and confusion from the workplace. The result is higher productivity, morale soars and good employees stay. Based on best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni’s 4 Disciplines, Ayako and I offer facilitated sessions on the 4 Disciplines with our own stamp of teambuilding, coaching and storytelling.

The Advantage – 4 Disciplines* 

Discipline 1: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team – Rooting out dysfunctions of a team and turning your leadership team into a functioning, cohesive unit.

Discipline 2: Create Clarity – Leadership needs to be crystal clear about its purpose and priorities. Alignment around the answers to six key questions creates clarity.

Discipline 3: Over-communicate Clarity – Once leadership has achieved Disciplines 1 and 2, over-communicate the messages to employees and entrench the clarity within the organization’s culture.

Discipline 4: Reinforce Clarity – Reinforce clarity within the organization through different modes of communication, and your hiring and performance assessment practices.

Contact either one of us to book an introductory session at no cost. I can be reached at or call me at 780-991-8014. Ayako’s number is 780-722-9056.

*The Table Group, A Patrick Lencioni Company