Back Behind the Microphone

I’m excited to announce I’m back behind the microphone as the host of my podcast, Learn to Fly! Season one launches Monday, November 18 on Apple and Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

My producer and former colleague, Andreas Schwabe, approached me earlier this year about doing a podcast. I was a broadcast journalist in a former life and I loved it so why not? I knew immediately what the podcast would be about. My only hesitation was my woefully limited knowledge of how to do it. Andreas is the host of his own podcast with his lovely wife, Caroline, called My Beautiful Cyborg that documents their journey from Caroline’s world of silence to the world of sound after receiving a cochlear implant. Andreas stripped away the mystery around podcasts for me (okay maybe I still ask a lot of questions) and championed my participation in this medium. Thank you, Andreas, for asking and for your support ever since.

Learn to Fly is a celebration of ordinary people I know who live their lives with purpose and passion. I believe in life-long learning and personal mastery. I am inspired by the individuals in this podcast and my hope is that you hear something in these conversations that inspires you. The whole purpose behind setting up my company, Brave Birds Studio, was to help people discover the warrior within and charge bravely toward a future of self-discovery and personal achievement. Learn to Fly completely aligns with my Mission.

Season one contains four conversations with exceptional people. My Father, George Balash, on living 50 years with Multiple Sclerosis, Ayako Ohtake on curiosity and personal mastery, Kim Armstrong on leadership and feminism and Doug Griffiths on growing up rural and building community. Listen to the trailer for season one at

Please share with your network and let me know what you think about Learn to Fly. If you have any questions about the podcast or would like more information on the services Brave Birds Studio provides around coaching, leadership, team-building and lately a lot of writing, email me at